Parents will be required to participate as the parent helper once every 12 weeks. Most co-op responsibilities will be on Wednesdays (three-day class) and Thursdays (two-day class). Schedules will be prepared well in advance of co-op days so that working parents may make arrangements. If a parent cannot volunteer due to work or other responsibilities, a relative, friend, babysitter may fill in as long as the replacement helper as completed the criminal background check and is aware of his/her responsibilities on that day.

Parents will also have the opportunities to attend field trips that the classes may take throughout the year. Most field trips will allow for siblings to attend and enjoy the experience as well. However, there may be occasions where this will not be allowed.


Parents will be required to attend a minimum of four (4) mandatory meetings throughout the school year, one of which is a parent-teacher conference in November. These meetings will be scheduled at the beginning of the school year and are required under the bi-laws of the Sandpiper organization.


As part of each individual families obligation - fundraising is necessary to allow students to participate in more activities and field trips throughout the year. At Sandpiper, we strive to have two (2) major fundraising activities each school year. Each family is required to participate in fundraising.

Parents will be asked to volunteer for positions that help to maintain an efficient and organized school, while also helping with the upkeep and needs of the teachers. These available positions are as follows:

President - voted position

Vice President - voted position

Secretary - voted position

Treasurer - voted position

Facilities - Maintains the room cleanliness including toys, paint smocks, snack items and essentials in the classroom.

Historians - Takes pictures at special classroom events, field trips and special instances throughout the school term. Posts pictures on online photo sharing website. Creates a photobook for the 2-day and 3-day winners of the silent auction at the spring fundraiser.

Snow Removal/Outdoor Maintenance - On snowy days, arrives at school by 7:45 a.m. to begin clearing/shoveling snow so teachers and students have clear and safe pathways into school. Performs additional outdoor maintenance including power washing of back patio and any necessary playground maintenance.

Social Media - Maintains Facebook page and Sandpiper Preschool web site.

Scheduler - Prepares and maintains the co-op schedule and school calendar. Sends out reminders to parents for upcoming co-op duties.

Snacks Chairperson - Coordinates and maintains snacks for both classes throughout the year.

Health & Safety - Teacher holds position.